Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Men's Golf Association

The MGA conducts 10 fun oriented tournaments per year on Saturday morning. No matter what your handicap or your experience with tournament golf, you will fit in. MGA members range from scratch golfers to 30 handicappers. We usually play two or three low-ball per team formats where each player plays his own ball, but occasionally we play some different games such as 2-flag, or scramble.

Women's Golf Association

The purpose of the WGA is to promote good fellowship among its female members and to stimulate and encourage active participation in golf and golf related activities. We have a very diverse group of people; every age you can imagine, range all over the board on ability, some of us work, some have school age children, and some are retired. There are also lots of opportunities to play in tournaments, team play and city play which allow us to go to other courses and try our skills.

Golf Groups

Members of all skill levels are invited and welcome to play in one or more of our organized, regular scheduled, weekly golf groups. It's a great way to make new friends and enjoy your Great Hills membership.