Course Tour

Great Hills Country Club has one of the most beautiful golf courses in Austin.  Explore the course, hole-by-hole.


Course Designers:

        Don January and Billy Martindale

Men's Course            Rating      Slope
     Blue   73.8 141
     Blue/White Combo   72.3 138
     White   71.0 137
     White/Gold Combo   68.4 130
     Gold   67.5 127
Ladies Course      
     Red   69.3 126

Please use the 90° Rule and keep carts on paved surfaces around tees and greens.

All yardages are lasered to the center of the green.

Hole 1

Men's Handicap: 6
Women's Handicap: 2
Par: 5/5

The opening shot at Great Hills sets the tone for Austin's best hill country golf course. There's plenty of room to the right of the large oak, but playing it close will shorten the hole. This fairway slopes from left to right and gradually moves uphill. The crest of the fairway hides your second shot and a two-tier green gives you a short game challenge.

Hole 2

Men's Handicap: 18
Women's Handicap: 18
Par: 3/3

A short par three that's slightly downhill. There's trouble to the left with two large bunkers; and to bail right and use the slope, you must avoid the large oak. This hole was redesigned with the tournament player in mind, however, the Scottish golfers can certainly run the ball up the middle through the series of bunkers left and right. A deceiving green to read but rest assured, every putt breaks to the bunkers.

Hole 3

Men's Handicap: 14
Women's Handicap: 12
Par: 4/4

Number 3 is the first challenging tee shot. This short par four doglegs sharply to the left and uphill. A long hitter negotiates OB while the shorter hitter has several fairway bunkers to the right. This forced carry requires a slight draw or an accurate shot cutting the corner. The green has a slightly hidden middle section making your approach very difficult to get close.

Hole 4

Men's Handicap: 2
Women's Handicap: 6
Par: 4/4

The longest par 4 on the course requires an accurate second shot. The hole slightly moves to the right. Both sides of the fairway is guarded by small oaks and the right side at the dogleg has three large fairway bunkers causing additional pain for the slicer. The two-level green is guarded by bunkers and slopes on both sides and is the highest point on the course. A par on this hole can be quite rewarding.

Hole 5

Men's Handicap: 10
Women's Handicap: 16
Par: 4/4

Choices off the tee on this uphill dogleg right can make this hole long or short. Several fairway bunkers makes it difficult to cut the corner, but long hitters can aim over the first right hand tree. The green slopes from left to right and is very big. A left hand pin is guarded by a large bunker and is well below the green service.

Hole 6

Men's Handicap: 16
Women's Handicap: 8
Par: 4/4

This short downhill dogleg left is both picturesque and inviting. An accurate tee shot just left of the large oak in the fairway gives you an uphill shot to a sloping green. The second shot always plays a little longer. Once on the green your journey is not over. This particular green has a few subtle breaks so be careful.

Hole 7

Men's Handicap: 12
Women's Handicap: 14
Par: 3/3

The hardest par 3 on the course. The carry is long and over a severe valley facing the clubhouse. A tee shot that comes up short on this beautiful hole will not advance. The bail out is to the right and fairly generous, however, watch out for the bunker. Short game precision is a must.

Hole 8

Men's Handicap: 4
Women's Handicap: 10
Par: 4/4

This par 4 dogleg right plays slightly downhill and is guarded by OB left and right. Fairway bunkers guard the left side and the second shot can be deceiving with southerly winds. Three sides of the green are surrounded by bunkers, so running the ball up the middle is a smart play.

Hole 9

Men's Handicap: 8
Women's Handicap: 4
Par: 4/5

This elevated tee overlooks the Texas hill country. An accurate tee shot on this downhill dogleg right par 4 is a must. Your second shot is uphill and guarded by a rock wall. The two tier green is very demanding to reach and equally challenging once you’re on it.

Hole 10

Men's Handicap: 17
Women's Handicap: 15
Par: 3/3

Number ten is often used as the starting hole in our major tournaments. A mid length par 3 with a sloping look and trade winds from the right that have many golfers chipping back up the hill. The best played ball is to the right center.

Hole 11

Men's Handicap: 3
Women's Handicap: 11
Par: 5/5

This scenic par 5 drops 150 feet down to the crest of the dogleg. Reachable for the long hitters with a tee shot just to the right of the large fairway oak. The Great Hills creek comes into play down the right side if you cut too much off of the blind corner. A rock wall down the entire left side gives this hole an amphitheater affect and makes alignment a visual delight. A difficult green with a left to right slope, keeps the bunker and hillside in play to the right of the green. Anything left of the green requires a master’s touch to get close.

Hole 12

Men's Handicap: 15
Women's Handicap: 17
Par: 3/3

Hidden in the valley, this downhill par 3 has a green sloping from back to front. An inviting shot requires accuracy to the side slope and large bunker to the right. A tee shot short usually stays there so be aware.

Hole 13

Men's Handicap: 7
Women's Handicap: 5
Par: 4/4

The river runs through this par 4 on the right off the tee and in front of your second shot. Aiming down the left side gives you a lot more fairway room than the right. A downhill fairway makes a long second shot to a guarded green very difficult for the average golfer.

Hole 14

Men's Handicap: 9
Women's Handicap: 3
Par: 4/4

Back to back river holes gives this par 4 a long course flavor. A long accurate tee shot must stay right but short of the pond in front of the green. Bunkers left and right of this green demands a golfers best shot.

Hole 15

Men's Handicap: 1
Women's Handicap: 1
Par: 5/5

Here’s what long hitters only dream about. This longish par 5 can be reached by only the daring. This hole has a creek running down the right hand side and crosses over in front of the green. Most golfers lay up for a short to mid iron third shot due to the water that crosses and remains in play left of the green.

Hole 16

Men's Handicap: 5
Women's Handicap: 7
Par: 4/4

Tight but short. A par 4 from an elevated tee to tight landing area and uphill hidden green. Choose your club wisely because this green has two levels and hitting it close is difficult. A long hitter should choose 3-wood from the tee however drives missed left or right sometimes kick back.

Hole 17

Men's Handicap: 13
Women's Handicap: 13
Par: 3/3

One of Great Hills signature holes, this par three drops down 100 feet to a green guarded by a creek bed and deep bunker. The upper level winds makes club selection the most challenging of all shots. Good luck!

Hole 18

Men's Handicap: 11
Women's Handicap: 9
Par: 5/5

This finishing par 5 is short but plays very long. Anything short will back down the fairway unless you’ve made it to the bunker. Now your problems begin. Look back down the fairway and you’ll enjoy one of the best views of Austin golf.