Great Hills Country Club's new Wellness Center offers members access to a fully equipped weight training and cardio area, group fitness classes in a spacious and bright room, as well as workshops, events and one-on-one private instruction. 

The Club's wellness facility provides members a comfortable and safe environment for getting and staying in shape, along with a variety of top-of-the-line equipment available for use 7 days a week. Members may also enjoy access to personal training and group fitness classes, and workshops geared towards tennis, golf and overall well being. Whatever your fitness goals, our talented training professionals are here to support you with expert knowledge and encouragement each step of the way.

Group Classes

In this 30-minute class, we will use foam rollers and tennis balls to focus on actively rolling muscle groups like quadriceps, hamstrings, and back, as well as offering trigger point release via tennis balls to help loosen the muscles of glutes, hips, and shoulders. The purpose of this offering is to teach members to self-massage and ease tension in the body from overworked muscles, mange pain and prevent injury. Think of this class as a tune up for the body so it can function more optimally.
Functional Fit is a well rounded full body workout that combines traditional large muscle calisthenics, such as lunges, squats, and pushups, with weight distribution and balance exercise that strengthen smaller supporting muscles. The results are long lean lines, more functional strength, wider range of motion, and better balance and posture. We will use a mix of light and heavy hand weights, and spend some time on joint stability by moving our bodies dynamically in all directions.

Stretch and strengthen in this all levels yoga class. If you are looking to prevent injury by gaining flexibility, reduce pain in your knees and back, gain better posture and body awareness, or are looking to learn how to take deeper breaths and relax, this class is perfect for you! It requires minimal equipment and will leave your feeling refreshed and centered.

Mat Pilates is all about core strength and spine health. Using classic mat Pilates exercises, you will strengthen your core, work on mobility and flexibility of the spine, and get stronger and taller. This is a great cross training workout for Golf and Tennis athletes looking to tighten their core and their swing!

Barre Fit is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can. In addition to building strength, this full-body workout also develops agility and flexibility, and helps lengthen your posture. You will use the barre and your body weight to focus on high reps to engage smaller, supportive muscle groups. We also incorporate tools like resistance bands, ankle weights, free weights, Pilates rings, and exercise balls to challenge the body and keep it guessing!

We are very excited to be offering this new all levels fitness class, geared toward folks of all ages that are looking for some gentle movement based exercises. What better way to work out than (partly) sitting down! Get a full body workout using resistance bands, body weight and a chair.

Power dance is a high energy, all-levels dance class with a great workout built-in. It's also an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment, set to amazing music and held by a sense of community without the pressure of judgment. Just tons of fun!

If you have been curious about our Power Dance class, or have been wanting to participate in one of our Dance and Dinner Date Nights but have been a little intimidated by it all, this is the class for you! In this hour long, beginner-friendly class, Erikka will breakdown dance sequences, beats and steps in a slow and comprehensive way so you gain confidence in your moves. All our classes are a safe space where you can feel comfortable being yourself and moving in community. So go on, give it a try!

Zumba is a Latin-based dance fitness class with a variety of different music and routines, including salsa, cumbia, merengue, reggaetón, bachata and hip hop. In our Zumba classes, we will dance to about 10 to 13 songs, each song having about 4 moves. The moves are simple and repetitive, making it easy to understand and execute. Zumba is all about having fun, getting a good sweat on, making new connections with people and feeling proud of yourself!

HIGH Fitness is a zero equipment, full body workout that has been shown to improve overall endurance, stamina and cardiovascular health. HIGH is formatted and choreographed to fun music that will push you to new HIGHS!

Aqua Fitness combines the principles of Pilates and Barre class, with the water and equipment of aqua aerobics. Feeling supported by water, and with no impact to the joints, you use resistance to strengthen and lengthen muscles, lubricate and heal joints, all while not breaking a sweat! This class can be as challenging or as therapeutic as you want it to be. If you want to work on pelvic stability, core and upper body strength, add aqua ankle weights, and webbed gloves!

Wellness Events

Our wellness events are one-off classes that will cover specific topics and exercises to promote health and wellness. These classes usually run between 90 - 120 minutes long. Examples of workshops are our Lunch & Learns, which include topics such as diets to help reduce inflammation, all about supplements, and mindfulness for better focus, as well as Yoga on the Lawn, Seasonal Outdoor Markets, Couples Cooking Class and Dance & Dinner Date Night to name a few.